Top 5 Best Ride on Cars For Toddlers Reviews

Ride on cars for toddlers is still in vogue as they are popular among children of the urban city. has lots of fun toys that will thrill your kids on the play ground, among them is the toddler’s cars your little one will appreciate if you can get one for him or her.

Top 5 Best Ride on Cars For Toddlers Reviews

Toddlers still remains your eighteen months to three years growing child. This stage of life is one they need to enjoy so they don’t think they were cheated during their infant-hood.  So you as a mother or daddy, nothing you do will be too much as this kids can’t fend and take your of your needs.

Another thing, parents of nowadays, hardly spent time with their kids and yet pays less attention to their attention when it comes to providing some certain things that the child may like even if mummy and dad is not around can play along.

However, we have rounded up some ride on toddlers cars considered to be the best according to consumer’s reports and our in-depth research to meet kid’s fun life.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Ride on Cars for Toddlers

1. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

 Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

This is one of the choices available when it comes to ride on tractor for kids which also feature a trailer at the back.  The trailer can be detached if you want it.

This toy car come featuring farm tractor wheels that enable it to pass over grass and uneven terrains. In addition, 2 speed levels for your son to utilize and automatic brakes system for maximum safety.

One unique feature available on this toy, parents has access to speed control to lock out the 2nd gear to regulate speed limit. Also, the Peg Perego John is powered by 12 volt rechargeable battery with the charger included in the order.

Finally, this ground force tractor recommend for children ranging from 2 to 7 years of age.


  • Accelerator pedal.
  • Automatic brake.
  • 4WD farm wheels.
  • Designed with 2 speed option.
  • 2nd lock control gear for parents.
  • 12 volt battery.
  • Adjustable seat and flip armrest.
  • It is equipped with radio.
  • Removable tractor.
  • Parents can control their child maximum speed limit by locking the second gear which is ideal for beginners.
  • The seat can be adjusted to rider comfort.
  • Active brake system.
  • Toddlers listen to music while riding the Perego John.
  • No need of replacing battery, simply recharge it.
  • Some parents complain of how difficult it is to assemble the unit.
  • It is a bit expensive.

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2. Rollplay Chevy Tahoe 6-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Police

Rollplay Chevy Tahoe 6-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Police

Here comes another amazing car for a kid which is the Rollplay Chevy.  It comes fully covered just like the normal cars. Your young one simply enters into the police color toy van to satisfy their pleasure, most relevant if they are fans of the Police occupation.

The Tahoes  features two doors both located in the front and also comes with 2.5MPH forward and reverse speed gear for easy driving and also engage in experienced reversing.

This ride on toy car is equipped with sound engine, working horn and headlights. It also includes emergency sounds for rider safety plus loud speakers to compliment the riding moment.

Most noteworthy features that is presents in normal cars also available on this baby’s car such as dashboard, storage compartment where your little one can keep some of his things, clear windshields and others.

This SUV is powered by 2AA batteries but not included in this package (sold separately). Find others details concerning this car for kids below.


  • Recommended for 3 years to 9 years.
  • 5 MPH maximum speed limit.
  • Features reverse capability.
  • Side view mirrors.
  • Uses 2AA batteries.
  • Features battery life indicator and can run up to 2 hours.
  • 1 year warranty and 6 month battery warranty sold separately.
  • Plenty of space provided for comfort.
  • Two doors for safety needs.
  • Fully covered against external harmful factor that can fall on child as they ride.
  • Suitable for kids from 3 – 9yrs of age.
  • Minimal assemblies to be carry out.
  • It’s a bit pricey.
  • Not ideal for children under three years unless just want them to play inside without riding it.
  • You have to purchase the batteries separately.

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3. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler, Red

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler, Red

This is another fun loving product for kid’s, called the wrangler realistic jeep for children.  Updated designed just like original wrangler fuel jeeps.

While your little one admires those driving on open roof cars, you can make it realistic to them by getting this open-roof toy jeep car for him or her. I guess they will love the whole of the amazing moment driving around with the open roof car in the neighborhoods with peers.

The rugged wrangler comes with distinctive grille, roll bars and front and back fenders that ensure it rolls over tough terrains without your child having difficulties. Your child will ride with style and pride with this power jeep while you can also ensure child safety through the high speed lock out feature especially for beginners.

Furthermore, if you have two kids, this wrangler will accommodate them comfortably as it comes with 2 front seats or your son can simply carry friends to experience the moment alongside.


  • Rugged utility wheels for bad surfaces and grass.
  • 12 volts battery included.
  • Open roof wrangler toy car.
  • High speed locks out.
  • 5 and 5 MPH maximum forward and maximum reverse.
  • 130 lbs maximum weight capacity.
  • Large storage space.
  • Feature two seats.
  • Parent speed controlled lock out for kids.
  • Two kids can enter it.
  • Tow speed available.
  • Room storage space for kids to put items.
  • Comes with rechargeable battery.
  • Information on seat adjustment not provided at the time of writing this review.
  • It’s a little bit expensive.

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4. Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Black

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Black

This is another motorized car from the Rollplay Company. The GMC comes with two doors to ensure child safety inside while driving the Sierra Denali.

The seating area has lot of spaces to accommodate kid’s legs maximally while the easy to turn and swivel steering makes the GMC Denali easy to drive for little hands and also avoid tricky driving obstacles.

In addition, this large wheel ride boast of full life interior design and equipped with features such as clear windshield, cup holder, dashboard while the outside also consist of side viewing mirror, rare side realistic windows.

The rollpaly GMC series is sculpted from heavy duty materials and the truck frame is designed to avoid rusting.

However, this kid motor car is recommended for children from 3 yrs + and should not be use for kids weight above 130 lbs for long lasting.


  • 5 and 5 mph forward and 2.5 MPH reverse speed.
  • Lockout gear for high speed.
  • LED light.
  • MP3 connectors with speakers.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries.
  • Viewing mirrors.
  • Two doors.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • Two seats available.
  • Recommended for 3 years above kids.
  • Parents can lock the 2nd gear for less speed rid.
  • Close doors that prevents child from falling off.
  • Toddlers can listen to music while driving.
  • Uses a battery that can be recharged.
  • Uses 2AA batteries that need to be purchase separately.
  • High purchase price tag.
  • Not to be use by children weighing more than 130 lbs.

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5. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

This is not really a car but a dune racer which is also nice for kids display on the play ground. It features a power wheels and monster traction system that can drive pass wet grasses, lawn areas, hard surfaces, and also on unsmooth terrain without barriers. It also features 2.5 and 5 mph drive forward speed while only 2.5 mph for reverse mode.

The power wheel unit designed for two rides is equally equipped with side metal that acts as safety support for riders. Another relevant feature is the power lock brake system making it stand out from competitive units.

The unit comes with a 12 volts battery and a charger to charge it when it runs down.

Even though, the fisher price racer can carry two kids but their weight should not exceed 59kg. This is the maximum capacity it can accommodate.

Purchasing this power wheels racer lets you save cost of replacing battery as you can simply charge it once it’s dead.

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In Conclusion,

Hence, in buying the best ride on car for your toddlers depends on your child weight and height. Both factors are highly required so that you can get a unit that can accommodate the child at comfort level. However, with the reviews of our top selected toddlers cars here will assist you in choosing a real car for your kids.

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